tcfe For a city of only 3.7 square miles, Everett made its mark for decades as an industrial giant and a high school football dynasty.

The Crimson Tide continues to dominate, but the days of Everett’s industrial dominance is long gone. Still, it would be a crime to forget that it was the job opportunities in those industries that brought people to Everett. People who made Everett their home.

They raised their families here, bought homes and furthered Everett’s reputation as a hard-working, blue-collar community. They built Everett, they made Everett with elbow grease and a dream that their children and grandchildren would have a better life than they had. The people in this book came from those families. There were no trust funds or red carpets paving their way. Some demonstrated sheer determination and others took great risks. Some relied on their natural talents while others overcame barriers and obstacles in pursuit of their goals.

These stories are not “success stories.” They are Everett stories. Stories of people who gave it all they had in pursuit of an ideal, a goal, or a better life. We celebrate them as fellow citizens of our hometown and thank them for their contribution to Everett’s history.
Michael Matarazzo Author information: Michael Matarazzo

Born in Somerville, MA, Michael moved to Everett at the age of 10. He attended the Immaculate Conception School where he acquired the nickname Marty. He graduated from Everett High School where he met his future wife Denise (Paratore).

Michael’s life experiences have been diverse as he has served as a City Councilor and City Clerk in Everett, as a member of the staffs of Governors Bill Weld and Paul Cellucci and spent decades as an entertainer. One of his bands, the Christopher Michael Band and their song “You Make Me Happy” was recently featured on a new CD entitled “Boston Goes Disco”.

Considered by many as the “unofficial” City Historian and as an in-demand master of ceremonies, Michael is a self-described “history nut,” who attributes his love of history to his father’s obsession for watching documentaries. Michael continues to be fascinated by Everett’s past and the people from this relatively small city who made large contributions to the worlds of sports, entertainment, science, business and government.

Michael and Denise continue to live in Everett, are the parents of Matthew, Gina and Michael J., are the grandparents of Andrew, Valerie and Renee Matarazzo, and great-grandparents of Nicholas.